Half Gallon Implant O’Rama

Half Gallon Implant O’Rama

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Our half gallon Implant O’Rama is glass with silicone tubing and kynar connectors. The kit comes with a pump, extra tubing for parts that come in contact with the liquid, and 2 silicone catheters. It also comes with instructions.

Case pricing is available – 6 Implant O’s of any size are $540 plus shipping. If you are interested, send us an email at: orders@implantorama.com

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

3 reviews for Half Gallon Implant O’Rama

  1. barnaby

    Prostate has halved in size over the last month, doing daily coffee enemas,

    What I like most about these enema kits
    is the there is ZERO plastic, no leaching of any kind. This is so important.

    These devices come in several different sizes, I own one of the each. They all offer a niche application.

    They are all amazing pressured action systems of glass and silicon, so easy to use and extremely durable.

    One can feel the quality when you hold it.

    I’ve found nothing else like it, nothing that comes close to its versatility.

    The other big plus for me has been customer service and the healthful “outside the box” healing suggestion.

    Many thanks

  2. Polla Pratt

    I was in mental and emotional anguish laying on the floor just about to use my Implantorama for the first time.

    The first hand squeeze on the soft black bulb on my new Implantorama sent a gush of coffee up into my intestine and was a LIFE CHANGING experience!

    My thoughts immediately changed and I heard a new voice and a gush of heaven enter into my whole being.

    I have done lots of enemas before, but the Implantorama is a whole new world for me!

    I love the control I have of how the healing liquids enter my body with my new Implantorama!

    Unlike a standard gravity feed enema my Implantorama does not feel pressurized and make me cramp up.

    I had stopped doing enemas cause of the pressure and plastics involved but now am super excited to use my new Implantorama.

    Great non-toxic design with glass, silicon and stainless steel parts, and the best enema delivery system I have ever experienced!

    Now I know why Gwenyth Paltro and Stephen Colbert are dancing and singing on TV about it!!

    Impantorama has my highest recommendation!!

  3. Marian McAFee

    Best enema on the market….and I tried most if not all of them. It’s comforting and easier to use. I promise you’ll love the thing. It will make everything easier and safer (in my opinion). The best way to go. I had cancer, was overweight and was already under stress. We don’t need any more stress. Get the best you can.

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